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Meet Your 2023 LRCC Candidates

Brandon Willnecker

Professional Civil Engineer, Current LRCC Councilmember

As a resident of Ladera Ranch for 20+ years, and a current LRCC Council member, I am submitting this Candidate Statement in an effort to continue my volunteer service to Ladera Ranch. Over the course of my term on the LRCC (2021-2023) we have grown public engagement, hosted town halls that have brought our elected officials into our own backyard to engage with residents, revamped our website and community outreach, as well as, and most importantly, listened to our community through the pandemic challenges, increases in crime, public safety, e-bikes, and infrastructure improvements. However, just listening is not enough...The current LRCC has taken the concerns directly to our OC Supervisor, HOA, School Board, and Law Enforcement entities and are partnering to drive positive change/actions. As a 30,000+ person community, we can and do make a difference. Ladera Ranch is in its 20's now, and with that come structural challenges with our infrastructure (roads, pathways, utilities, etc..) as well as adapting to regulatory changes at the local, county, and state levels. My career as a licensed and practicing licensed professional civil engineer immerses me daily in these arenas, and as such feel strongly that this experience will benefit Ladera Ranch if I am elected for a second term (2023-2025). Thank you for your consideration. God Bless.


Cari Martell

Attorney and Mother

Hello! My name is Cari Martell, and I am a lawyer and a mother. As a lawyer, I work in estate planning, helping families make difficult decisions and work through emotional times. As a mother – well, the same, really! My two children attend Chaparral, and—like all parents—I’m always thinking about their health, safety and education. When we moved to California from the Midwest four years ago, we had no connections and no idea where to live. But from the first minute we drove in, we knew Ladera would be our home. We saw neighbors chatting in driveways; kids running across lawns to their friends’ houses; parks and pools. We saw a community, in every sense of the word. I am running for LRCC to help strengthen that community by encouraging transparency, gathering feedback and opinions, and ensuring that everyone feels seen and heard. We need leaders and representatives who are able to put aside their personal agendas and understand that all of us need and deserve a voice. If we start from a place of mutual respect—a table where everyone has a seat—we can work together to address real solutions to our common concerns.


Greg Brent

Vice President, Sales

My name is Greg Brent and I have been a resident of Ladera Ranch since 2004.  I am raising 2 children my son is 15 and my daughter is 17 and both have matriculated through our local school district.  I have always wanted to give back to the community in a meaningful way and I think I could provide a rational perspective on the Ladera Ranch community through my years of experience here.  I am interested in the development of our community in the everchanging environment and think I would be a positive voice for residents here.  I think parents should have an input into the curriculum in our schools.  I also believe that law enforcement is crucial to safety in any community as accountability ensures prevention.  I also want to support our commercial community to provide valuable services and products for the convenience of Ladera Ranch residents.  I work for Ashley Furniture as VP of Sales and manage Western Division sales team.  I have been in home furnishings for 27 years and majority of that has been in people management which has enabled me to navigate challenging situations in a positive way over the years.  Between the year's experience in Ladera Ranch and my management background, I believe I would be a good addition in this role for our community.  Thank you for your consideration.


Matt MacDougall

Certified Financial Planner

As a resident of Ladera Ranch for over 23 years, it’s now time for me to give back and be an advocate for the residents of Ladera. My wife Lindsay and I started our Ladera roots in 2000, originally living in Oak Knoll before moving to Flintridge in 2003. We raised our four children in Ladera Ranch, sons Nolan, Jack, Ryan, and daughter Quinn. The three boys all graduated from San Juan Hills High School and are currently attending Clemson, Purdue and Auburn universities, respectively. Quinn is a sophomore at San Juan Hills High. I was a youth flag football coach for 11 years, including the Ladera Flag Football League, and was a member of the Ladera Ranch Little League Board for three years, including serving as the league‘s Treasurer. I specialize in financial services with an emphasis in workplace benefits and compensation programs. I also hold the Certified Financial Planner(TM) designation. With my personal and professional background, I believe I can bring a unique perspective to the Civic Council. I appreciate your support.

Scott Lamb Bio Picture.jpg

Scott Lamb

Ladera Ranch Resident

My name is Scott Lamb.  My wife Marilyn and I have lived in Ladera Ranch for over eight years.  We love Ladera Ranch so much we have lived in two different homes.  My reasons for volunteering to serve on the Civic Council are: ensure the quality of life for its families and residents; ensure the rights of parents to raise their children in a manner they deem appropriate; ensure the safety and financial security of our community.

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